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Tuesday 2 August 2011

Greasebag Jamboree 2011

Rob rode down for the Greasebag this year. After the party on Friday night, the pack met up and assembled in Boston, then did a 200km ride up through the Massachusetts and New Hampshire countryside before arriving at a private campsite in Laconia. I don't have any pics of the group ride, but it was a sight to see 70-80 vintage choppers riding in formation up through the small towns, scaring old ladies, making babies cry, and exciting the local talent.

Assembling for the ride:

Walter (from Kickstart Cycle Supply) and Magoo (from Biltwell) sharing some laughs en route:

Arriving at the campsite:

Just to get an idea how cool an event this was, the sponsors provided free beer and food. That's right, FREE BEER.

These guys kept us laughing all night (at least until the "guests" showed up courtesy of the Choppahead crew)

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