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Sunday 29 April 2012


I don't think he ever wondered about that....

Saturday 28 April 2012


Anyone who has dealt regularly with a painter or bodyman has learned to expect delays...I am no exception.
Tim has painted a bunch of bikes for my customers, and his creativity and skill hasn't disappointed.

This is my current bike, a 1994 fxdl. I left my tins in the capable hands of Tim, gave him general guidelines and let him work his magic. As you can see in the pic, the paint is so subtle its almost like it isn't even there.

Friday 27 April 2012


A buddy of mine has started doing some powder coat...black only. a set of Dyna wheels and a sporty rear. Next up beautifully simple 12" Attack bars!

Thursday 26 April 2012


The last few months have been hectic to say the least....time for some updates!

here's a set of Evo heads that we're cleaning up. They have been washed, glass beaded and the combustion chamber has been reduced by 0.050" to increase static compression.

This is the fixture we use to mount it in the lathe.

Blended valve seats and a 3 angle valve cut to finish off this nice seat of fxrs heads. All thats left is black semi gloss paint, and another kick ass 90's HD is back on the road

Monday 23 April 2012

Hot rod bratstyle sportster

Working on another "bratstyle" sportster for a customer. Similar look to the one we did for Alex, but on this one the emphasis is on performance.

Top end work: Sportster top-end with 1340 Evo valves, polished exhaust ports, corrected 9.25:1 compression, and J-Precision stage 4 flowed heads:

Bike coming together - narrowed sportster tank with bead, and custom made attack bars:

Sunday 8 April 2012

Alex does good!

Alex and Olivier rode out to the Buckingham swap meet yesterday. At the end of the day, Alex was surprised to be handed a big-ass trophy for "Best in Show," beating out a full-on West Coast Choppers bike. Unfortunately, after strapping the trophy to Olivier's sissy bar for the ride back, only part of the trophy survived the ride, but well done nonetheless to Alex.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Traci Lords

... on a hog.

If you came of age in the eighties, you know who this is.

From the good folks at Dice magazine

Monday 2 April 2012

'80's Survivor

One of our customers brought this unmolested 1980's chopper in. Looks like it sprang direct from the pages of Easyriders circa 1985. Amen Savior plunger frame, shovelhead engine, bright yellow paint with hand-painted David Mann tribute mural on the tank, ridiculously swept back handlebars, and a custom made extended springer front end. The bike needs some TLC, but it would be a shame to change too much on it. Some guys want to build an "old-school" chopper; this is the real McCoy. Should be fun to get this thing running and out on the road again.

The bike came with a double-throat S&S carb. Rare as hen's teeth, and tricky to set up, but run well once they are dialed in.