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Sunday 30 September 2012

ROB'S XS 650

Rob stopped in to pick up his yamaha cafe racer. Bennelli tank and kz750 front end. Really fun to ride!
We're thinking it might be time to build a sportster like this....you never know.
Also notice how rob's head dwarfs that huge helmet!

Saturday 29 September 2012


We've been busy finishing off our season so the updates have been slow coming.
Also doing a ton of work on our online store. New, used and one off parts to come!
Here's a few pics of what's new in our world.
The updates will be coming more regularly from now on....lots of great stuff in the works!

96" shovel, 6 speed trans, narrow trees, peanut tank and a set of our infamous "T" bars.
The beast. 96" stroked , balanced and blueprinted.

 Custom softail with1.5" air ride kit and one off frame. All black and brass when its done!  

                                                Smooth as silk 74" shovel.
A 53 pan we have been stashing for the last little while.
                                                  I think its time to bring this one to life!

Wednesday 26 September 2012


9 years old. 9MM.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Chopping a chopper seat.

Dissasembled and rebuilt this Canadian forces helicopter seat.  Nice to do something different once in a while.
Replaced all the main components that move the seat vertically, and repaired the rest to slim the mechanism down. Odd ball aluminum tubing meant a ton of machine time and planning...whats not to love.
Before and after pics speak for themselves I think.
Thanks Scott!