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Monday 15 August 2011

Rob's Pan is lead story on Chop Cult today

Today Rob's panhead had a feature story on Chop Cult, check it out (link is below the picture):

Rob's Panhead (Chop Cult story)

Sunday 14 August 2011

Its Sunday morning. Too busy to ride today, so instead I'd thought I would throw this vid from Rouser:

Hello-Moto from rouser on Vimeo.

Saturday 13 August 2011

Cool V-Rod?

For years, I have loved the VR engine, inspired by the VR1000 race bike, but I have never really liked the long, heavy unwieldy chassis that Harley has insisted on putting it in.

A couple of builders have made a stab at seeing what that powerful engine would be like in a chassis that actual handles, and I have to admit I like the idea a lot. (I particularly like the first one, which makes the radiator a lot less obtrusive). What do you think?

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Rob's Panhead wins trophy

Pretty rad, considering the number and quality of the bikes at the Greasebag show. Rob's bike was picked as one of the twelve trophy bikes. There were no categories, no 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc... and the only criteria was the judges decided it was cool. I think extra points were awarded for riding the shit out of the bike. The best kind of show.

The bike actually got a huge amount of attention while it was down South, and some of our friends are featuring it on some of their sites as well:

Rob, happy with his trophy (notice the American Cycle Service shirt! I think the lettering on the shirt is about the same colour as Rob's sunburnt forehead):

The bikes of the Greasebag Jamboree 2011

I can honestly say that I have not seen so many cool bikes in one place at the same time. Between the bikes that turned up at the Dice party in Boston, to those on the ride, to those that showed up later at the campground, and finally to those at the bike show on Sunday (many of which weren't even entered in the show itself), the weekend was choc full'o' bad-ass choppers.

Wayne, from Acme choppers, was one of the major sponsors at the show (which was held at Acme choppers itself in Laconia). I have to send special thanks to Wayne, who got me back on the road after the regulator failed on my Panhead. This is Wayne's personal Panhead, which used to belong to his uncle:

If you haven't visited Acme Choppers, Wayne's shovelhead is worth making the trip to see just by itself:

Greasebag Jamboree 2011

Rob rode down for the Greasebag this year. After the party on Friday night, the pack met up and assembled in Boston, then did a 200km ride up through the Massachusetts and New Hampshire countryside before arriving at a private campsite in Laconia. I don't have any pics of the group ride, but it was a sight to see 70-80 vintage choppers riding in formation up through the small towns, scaring old ladies, making babies cry, and exciting the local talent.

Assembling for the ride:

Walter (from Kickstart Cycle Supply) and Magoo (from Biltwell) sharing some laughs en route:

Arriving at the campsite:

Just to get an idea how cool an event this was, the sponsors provided free beer and food. That's right, FREE BEER.

These guys kept us laughing all night (at least until the "guests" showed up courtesy of the Choppahead crew)

Dice Magazine / Greasebag pre-run party, Boston

This year, prior to the Greasebag Jamboree, Grail organized a Dice Magazine party at the Baseball Tavern, right next to Fenway Park in Boston. Three floors of punk rock and ska bands, motorcycle fiends, and pre-Greasebag goodness. Luckily the meet-up for the ride the next day wasn't until 11am, so there was time to put away some ibuprofen and gatorade...

Matt D from Dice, along with Matt O'C from MadRiverMotorCo:

If you haven't checked out Dice magazine, you need to.