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Friday 22 March 2013


Remember preheating and peening are your friends.

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  1. I have worked in manufacturing and CNC for a few years and been doing CAD for about one year. There are people who just strictly know how to use CAD software and make a decent living but they can't even hold a conversation with an engineer because they don't have any clue what it is they are drawing (or even some of the simple features on a part and their purpose), what problems that might occur during the manufacturing process, material properties, mechanical shaft fits, I could go on and on. The Metalworkers (sheet metal mechanics, welders, CNC, and conventional Machinists) All have to know the what the things are that i listed. Most shops during this drag economy have been cutting cots by getting rid of their CAD department because they can sometimes be an unnecessary tool. CNC programmers use their own software very similar to CAD software and can pick up AutoCAD, Solidworks, or CATIA very quickly and easily. So I guess you have my answer.