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Saturday 29 September 2012


We've been busy finishing off our season so the updates have been slow coming.
Also doing a ton of work on our online store. New, used and one off parts to come!
Here's a few pics of what's new in our world.
The updates will be coming more regularly from now on....lots of great stuff in the works!

96" shovel, 6 speed trans, narrow trees, peanut tank and a set of our infamous "T" bars.
The beast. 96" stroked , balanced and blueprinted.

 Custom softail with1.5" air ride kit and one off frame. All black and brass when its done!  

                                                Smooth as silk 74" shovel.
A 53 pan we have been stashing for the last little while.
                                                  I think its time to bring this one to life!

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