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Saturday 7 January 2012

Making a vented gas cap

We will need a vented gas cap for the custom tank Lee fabbed up for Alex's bike. Alex picked up a nice clean billet cap and neck from Lowbrow Customs, but it wasn't vented. Lee threw it on the lathe, drilled a small 1/16th" hole through the top, and then drilled and tapped through the bottom to fit a threaded sintered filter:

the cap and filter:

Setting it up on the lathe for the tap guide:

Presto! A cool looking vented gas cap (filter will be threaded in a little farther before installation):
Once the gas tank is set up for its final mounting position, we will drill the position for the gas cap at the very top of the tank. Lee is thinking of adding a small piece of spare exhaust pipe (which is the exact outer diameter of the cap sleeve) to extend the filler cap out of the tank a little.

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