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Thursday 15 December 2011

Alex's "Brat Style" sportster

Alex, who plays drums for a band in Ottawa, came in and wanted to draw attention away from the vag on his sportster. When he isn't drinking PBR and shopping at Urban Outfitters, Alex has been cooking up ideas from the Japanese "Brat Style" bikes from guys like the guys at Crazy Orange MC

With that in mind, he whipped up this cool sketch and brought it in. He said he would have liked to have gone with one of the short, crazy turned up rear fenders, but was worried that might throw too much spray on to his pants, and as a card-carrying hipster he can't afford to let those skinny jeans shrink and get any smaller.

So here is the "before" image - a nice little scoot, but not really going to light any fires:

Here's a quick first mockup, with some cut-down Progressive shocks, and positioning the gas tank. The plan is to go with a 21" up front, cut the tank down smaller and more narrow, and fab up some cool window bars.

Here Lee has taken 1 3/4" out of the centre of the tank just to try out the width. The plan is still to cut some height off the bottom of the tank and reshape it a little to make it smaller as well:

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