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Sunday 10 July 2011

Fork stop / headlight mount

We wrestled with how to make a clean and distinctive fork stops and headlight mount for Rob's panhead. Rob is running 41mm Hydraglide legs in a set of super-narrow Mullins Chaindrive triple trees. Initially, we had drilled the lower triple tree and had made up a set of stainless bullets for the fork stops, but then (in typical fashion) Lee was staring at the bike late one night and came up with the idea of doing a combined fork stop / headlight mount.

Lower triple tree drilled and tapped, and the fork stop block tacked in place to the frame headstock:

Headlight mount tacked to fork stop bullets:

Finished welding and given a rough polishing (piece was done entirely in stainless, like most of Lee's fabricated parts):

... and the finished piece. Frame still needs to get painted, and the piece will get a final polishing on the wheel, but it turned out nice, clean, simple, and unique.

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