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Wednesday 21 December 2011

Working on Alex's tank

Getting closer to finishing the tank for Alex's brat-style sportster. The tank has already been narrowed and shaped a little, but we decided that it needed a little more height up front, and needed to be cut down a bit in the back so that it sat up a little more on the bike.

Alex and Lee, bending and shaping the extensions for the front of the tank:

Alex, checking out the riding position (tank hasn't been finished yet, and still hasn't been trimmed at the back):

After shaping the extensions a little more with a softbag and mallets, Lee welds it up:

Here is a comparison with a standard sporty tank - you can see how much taller and narrower it is:

Marking out how much of the rear to cut off, after the front extension has been added:

Lee, (after rechecking the cut marks about 15 times) cutting off the rear part of the tank to level it off:

(mostly) finished tank. Still need to put a bit of cut-out in the very back of the tank where it will sit on the frame, but you get an idea of the position now:

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